Who are we?

As a reflection of ‘The 100th Monkey Effect’, MONKEYS EVERYWHERE is a movement promoting a positive mindset and a chill outlook on life.

Someone does an act. Everyone is doing the same. #ITISCONTAGIOUS!

Here, we keep:

Our actions POSITIVE, our perception WISE, and our mindset PEACEFUL

ME spreads a cheerful lifestyle by offering a variety of products, events and spaces that highlight the importance of an optimistic perception on life.

It takes one positive mind at a time, to have

Meet yanki

Yanki represents the positive reflection of each and everyone of us.
Sometimes all you need is just a reminder because:
Whenever life hits you, Yanki will always be around to remind you to stay:

the collection

We Believe in the 3 Ps, Positivity, Possibility & Power. ME promotes the idea of a positive mindset, entertains the possibility of something better and has the power to change lives, one positive mind at a time.
Yanki collection represents: